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The Unbounded Entrepreneur Program

Family-Business-SuccessIn any area of life you can S.H.I.F.T.®from being powerless to being powerful!

Hello, my name is Ishwari Jay. I am the founder of the Unbounded Entrepreneur Program. This program is designed specifically for you to develop to give you the ability to be unstoppable in the face of inner or outer limitations and make your big vision manifest.

Here is an overview of the U.E. program:

Using the acronym, “S.H.I.F.T.®”

We will work together to master the skills necessary to S.H.I.F.T.® from being disempowered to returning to your unlimited power and manifesting the life you truly deserve.

Money FallingEvery letter of this acronym stands for one of the five steps of my Self- Empowerment program:

Learn how to:

  • Switch from being the effect to being the cause,
  • Hold off the inner critic,
  • Integrity, your access to power,
  • Find the power within: your Intuitive Self,
  • Take Massive, Focused Actions

This program works. Numerous people have used it to create incredible results in their lives. You can do it, too. You have nothing to loose

and your entire life to gain!

The first step:

Switch from being the effect to being the cause is a fundamental principle from which you can live and access your optimal power.  In all circumstances there are always two choices:  you can either blame the situation and people or choose to be fully responsible for everything.  Energy spent in defending yourself, justifying, and blaming directs your power outside yourself. Wherever you focus your mind, there goes your power! Spirituality is really about increasing your awareness that you are the source of it all. Therefore, first learn to be 100% responsible for everything in your life.  That includes past, present, and future. This step can be very challenging since many people have accumulated a lot of resignation, anger, and blame. I will teach you to release negative emotions which are draining, disempowering and unproductive. Being responsible for every aspect of your life does not mean making yourself wrong. It has nothing to do with feeling guilty or feeling like a failure when things haven’t gone the way you wanted to.   In that step you will also learn to increase your level of integrity with your well-being and your relationship with yourself and others. You will master the ability to manifest the life you really want by being at the source of it. 

The second step:

Hold off the inner critic is to discover, tame, and master the disempowering conversation in your mind.  First, you need to acknowledge its presence!  You may not even be aware of it.  Yet, if you’re lacking power in any area of life, there is a deep underlying inner conversation that blocks your power and keeps you stagnant/stopped.  In fact, that sabotaging inner voice is fueled by your very own power. The problem is that you are using your power against yourself!  I will teach you how to recognize the presence of your inner critic, how to not to let it control you, and even how to use it to your advantage. 

The third step:

Integrity, your access to power. Everyone knows what integrity means:  Do what you say, say what you do. It is not only being your words when speaking to the people but also when setting an intention for yourself.  It is not only doing things you say you would do, it’s doing them with the highest intention.  Not just getting things done, but doing them with the best of your ability and the most positive attitude. It is not just being your words, it is also aligning your words with your actions, thoughts and feelings at all times and in all areas of your life. When we’re lacking integrity in one area of life it will effect many other areas. Therefore, it is vital to develop a higher level of integrity.  This means that when we are out of integrity we must have the authenticity and courage to admit it. This is the only way to return to a higher integrity.  People will never expect you to be perfect, but rather to tell the truth when you make a mistake or when you’re out of integrity. In this step I will teach you to be boldly authentic with yourself and others.  By doing so, you will increase your level of integrity and therefore increase your power. 

The fourth step:

Find the power within: your intuitive Self. The first three steps are an excellent preparation to clear up the pathway that will lead you to a conscious contact with your intuitive self. Many people try to meditate. They sit in silence, and suddenly they become aware of the unbearable noises in their head! By learning and practicing the three first steps, you will clean up the draining energies in your life which keep you from connecting to your innate power within.  I may guide you, lead you, or Mentor you, but ultimately what I want you to get is that you have it all inside yourself already. No one is superior than you, and you are not superior than anyone else.  Within yourself, there is a deeper wisdom than any knowledge that you can access through books or any kind of studies.  It is the wisdom of your highest Self. It is described in quantum physics as a unified field of energy that not only pervades everything but also has an unlimited creative power. By letting go of the superficial layers of our identity, the access to this inner power becomes effortless. I will guide you in different techniques so you can access and increase your connection with your intuitive Self. It’s like developing a relationship with a new best friend.  This will increase your creativity, your courage, your inner strength, and will give you the experience of a much higher sense of happiness and fulfillment. What makes this step vital in achieving your success is that you will start revealing blockages that you couldn’t see before. It’s like when you drive and you want to get into the left lane to make a left turn. You shift the car to the left at the last minute and hit another vehicle which was on your blind spot. You are really upset at this “bad driver” meanwhile; you really are responsible for not having paid more attention. Similarly, you want something in life, and get into action, but before you know it, you give up and get right back where you were. Why? Well, It’s really something hidden from your perception, just like a blind spot! When you find your inner power it will reveal what you need to know that has been stopping you. Only when you see what was previously covered up, can you consciously change the pattern. 

The fifth step:

Take a risk, is about taking action that will create the results that you want to create.   You can’t expect doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get different results. You must take a risk by moving out of the comfort zone and stepping out of the box.  In the past you may have tried to do that on your own and you stopped.  You may have been successful for a while but you didn’t stick to your plan.  This is common. The sabotaging mechanisms, the lack of integrity, and the disconnect with your higher power will take you right back to where you started from.  You will be like a dog chasing its own tail! You’ll get nowhere.  Through practicing these steps including assignments which I give you, along with my support and encouragement, you will be ready to be bold in taking the actions that will really make a difference in your life and make your dreams manifest. This program comes in multiple formats. You may at attend an introduction program (date/location TBA) and decide to work one on one with me as your coach. We will speak once a week on a telephone session. I would give you some assignment that will help you grow and you will get unlimited email correspondence.  The minimum time commitment required is 3 months. We will offer teleseminars as a way to work in a group setting over the phone (next dates TBA). If you want to make a difference in your life, if you believe that you have what it takes to manifest the things in your life that you always wanted, then do not postpone: call me now to set an appointment for a free complementary session. When we wait in making decisions, we give space and energy  to our  inner critic. By avoiding and procrastinating we let the circumstances take power over us once again. What is really happening is that the inner critic is running the show achieving all kinds of reasons to keep you from making the decisions that will change your life.  By calling now, you are already moving toward your success through conquering what has stopped you in the past.


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