New Zealand Nov 6-19

Life List New Zealand Nov 6-19 2016

Making a difference from the South to North

Islands…and the Tropics of Vanuatu!!

A trip designed for transformational leaders and messengers

Trip to New Zealand 6-19 November 2016 for though leaders, messengers and conscious entrepreneurs
Join Ishwari Jay’s Team in New Zealand in 2016

Life-List Ecuador 2015 is a 14-day life-changing trip to the country of New Zealand created by
Spryte Loriano Global and No Regrets Productions. This trip combines the life-changing
experience of living your bucket list and contributing your gifts to make a difference in the lives of
the people in New Zealand.
If you have received this document then it means that you are invited to join a team of
transformational leaders led by Ishwari Jay to accomplish four things:
1) Fulfill your Bucket List items by traveling to an exotic country, engaging in enriching cultural
exchanges, while contributing your wisdom and resources to local communities.
2) Connect with other Transformational Leaders and Entrepreneurs in a high-level Mastermind
and share your vision and mission.
3) Be a part of an international experience that not only provides adventure and excitement but
provides massive Contribution – you’ll deliver clean water systems to villages that desperately
need it, and to help empower, uplift and educate through our International Wisdom-Share Program
called, INSPIRE.
4) Be one of the Messengers Featured in a Web- TV series and receive your own Sizzle Reel
that features you in this experience.
On November 6th twenty leaders and messengers will arrive to Queenstown, South New Zealand to
accomplish all of the above. During this trip No Regrets Productions will film the entire experience
to create a 2-part “Live Your List” TV series on messengers making a difference in another country and
featuring the message they share with the world.
Here are the details of the trip, the filming and the TV show:
• This trip is hosted by two very successful entrepreneurs and transformational leaders:
Robert Evans is the CEO of No Regrets Productions, a video production and adventure company
which films people around the world experiencing things on their bucket list. Spryte Loriano is
the founder of Spryte Loriano Global, a social enterprise providing humanitarian-adventure trips
2008 for over 1000 people who want to experience the world while making a difference.
• No Regrets Productions will produce a 2-part TV series that will launch out to over 300k
people around the world and 2-minute Sizzle Video for each person attending.
• There will be approximately 20-25 business leaders, messengers, and entrepreneurs going
on this trip including staff and film crew. Four – Six will be Team Leaders, leading three to five
Messengers through the New Zealand Experience and the opportunities we provide for them to
make a difference. Ishwari Jay is one of these leaders.
• During the trip each group will be given time to lead a “Tohunga Circle” (Tohunga means
Wisdom Keeper in Maori, the main indigenous culture in New Zealand). This space invites each
participant to share his/her life “medicine” (or wisdom, healing) with the others in our group – an
incredible interactive, healing, knowledge-deepening, group-bonding experience! This is filmed and
used in the TV show and you will receive this raw footage to use as you wish.
• This trip is a combination of adventure, personal transformation, master-mind,
humanitarian work, and a chance to experience a country boundless with beauty and bucket list
opportunities. In addition to the things you’ll do with the group, you’ll also discover time to relax
and enjoy the resorts and places the group will be staying, while also connecting with the people of
New Zealand. This particular trip is designed as a powerful spiritual and personal transformational
experience! You will have the unprecedented experience of being the personal Guests of the oldest
indigenous nation, dating back over 4400 years, called the Waitaha Nation! This is NOT OFFERED
ANYWHERE ELSE. And will be an unforgettable opportunity.
• This adventure is CO-CREATED by the Transformational Leaders on the trip – Your trip
facilitators provide the skeleton, and once we have all leaders and participants assembled, we work
as a collaborative whole bringing forward each participants’ skill sets, and synergizing for a
successful journey together.
Proposed Itinerary (subject to change)
November 6th – Arrive to QueensTown New Zealand (South Island)
November 7, 8 – Adventure Bucket-List! Will you bunjee-jump or sky-dive? Experience the
Jet- Boat, hike and explore the most rich, lush landscapes that have made New Zealand
November 9 ,10 11– Fly to Auckland New Zealand (North Island). Prepare for “INSPIRE”
2-Day Wisdom Share Event where you will speak/teach on an International Stage and
connect with local youth and adults.
November 12, 13, 14, 15 – Deepen your spiritual, transformational journey and
connection to the Earth through private invitation by the High Elder Council, Waitaha
Nation (Dating over 4000 years, pre-Mauri, the original Water Carriers of the earth,
Matriarchal, Matri-Lineal, called the Nation of
the Four Winds)! You will be welcomed in sacred ceremony, and live on their Private Marea
for three days to learn from, and share in a cultural exchange with the elder council, and
will be taken to Waitaha Sacred sites. (Not offered through any other tour group!)
November 16, 17, 18 – Your NZ experience ends in Vanuatu, 83 tropical island chain in the
South Pacific, where you may find yourself dodging lava bombs, Kava drinking with
islanders, snorkeling and scuba-diving, lounging on white or black sand pristine beaches!
And, because 50% of its inhabitants have no clean drinking water, you will deliver
permanent clean water systems for hundreds of villagers and support relief efforts from
last year’s cyclone Pam, leaving a lasting footprint of service before heading back home.
November 19 – Fly home from Vanuatu (or extend your trip!)
• Our accommodations range from 3-4 star hotels and Eco lodges to Camping at the Marae
(family home) of the Waitaha Elders for a truly diverse and transformational experience. You will
bond with
your fellow travelers in a way that only a humanitarian/adventure trip can provide! A must-beexperienced-
to-be-understood adventure.
• You will network and mastermind with other exceptional leaders and professionals,
experience the beauty and natural spiritual power of New Zealand, and experience amazing
personal transformation.
• The post trip videos, web-tv series, and networking can also greatly transform your
business. We like to say, if you’re ready for a quantum leap in your personal or business life, this is a
conscious, supportive, exciting way to do that!
Benefits to You and Your Transformational Business
Benefits are easy to list but hard to quantify for what happens to each person while on a trip like
this is so much more significant than what can be listed in this document. The best way to show
you the impact this can have on you is to show you some “Sizzle Reel” videos produced for our
participants on our past trips.
Go here to watch some of these videos: (especially
watch the videos from the Liberia Africa and Ecuador trips!)
Here’s our list of benefits and why they are so valuable:
• You’ll teach your message to the other leaders and messengers, enlightening them and
opening up possibilities to network with or work with them outside the trip (one or two clients can
often generate enough income to cover the cost of this trip). We are also recording you doing this
so we can share your message with more people through the TV series and use this footage in any
way you choose on your website, in your own business branding and social media.
• You’ll be featured in the No Regrets, Live Your List TV show, which will launch to over 300k
people online, while also being shopped to a network for a wider release.
• You’ll get your own PERSONAL 2-min Sizzle Reel, ideal for sharing online through your
website, youtube, or on DVD if you choose. These Sizzles highlight you having a transformational
experience, living your bucket list, and contributing to others. Some of our past participants have
used these sizzles on their websites, and attribute receiving new clients as a result! Make no
mistake about the value of having a Sizzle Reel of you experience, as well as being part of this overall
Series. A professional sizzle reel alone (not to mention first gaining professional footage!) costs
well over $4,000 from most production houses. You get it as part of this trip experience!!! No where else is
this type of experience being offered.
• If traveling, making a difference, while at the same time checking things off your bucket list
is something you’ve always wanted to do, then there is not greater chance to do this than through
the trips No Regrets Productions and Spryte Loriano Global produce, with a combined 10 years of
experience in humanitarian/adventure travel, serving over 1000 participants.
• Our adventure / humanitarian trips are hugely transformational. Could you a use a
boost in your life right now? How would your life or your business benefit from you awakening to a
greater potential within you, from an experience like this?
Your Commitment, what it costs and how to signup
This trip is an “invitation only” experience and you will be a part of Ishwari Jay’s team if you
decide to register.

Here’s how the signup process works:
The Trip Cost:
The cost of the trip is $9995. It does NOT include travel costs (flight and other travel expenses) or
spending money while in New Zealand and Vanuatu. You’ll want to figure an additional $1500 to
$2000 for these other costs. The cost does cover all lodging, most meals, transportation, in-country
flights, group airport transfers, entry fees, activity costs, being in the TV show, your personal sizzle
reel and all the experience we have planned for you; as described in this document.
Payment options:
To secure one of the few spots on Ishwari Jay’s Team, you’ll need to put down a deposit and make
up to September 1, 2016. The amount of the payment depends on when you signup.

To help you decide and plan for this trip, there are three options:
• Option 1: Non-Refundable Deposit of $1500* at time of agreement and equal payments up to
September 2016 for a total of $9500
• Option 2: Non-Refundable Deposit of $2500* at time of agreement and equal payments up to
September 2016 for a total of $8995
• Option 3: FULL payment of $7995* at time of agreement to receive a $1500 discount .
Once your deposit is paid, your credit card will be charged monthly payments. Unless
otherwise requested, the amount charged is calculated by deducting the deposit and
dividing the balance by the amount of remaining months prior to when the workshop begins.
*Once received or charged, payments are final and non-refundable.
How to Register for this trip:
Each team leader picks who is on their team and is allowed to bring up to 5 people. If you want to
be a part of Ishwari Jay’s team and go through the Life List New Zealand experience while being in
the TV show please contact Ishwari Jay today at 760-586-6061 or Contact HERE to arrange an interview with Spryte Loriano
and Robert Evans.
After the interview and your commitment to be a part of this trip, you will be sent a trip agreement.
You will have 72 hours to sign that agreement. If you don’t then the agreement is canceled so
please be clear and ready to commit to this trip before you make contact with Ishwari Jay .
Know the value of this trip…
Not everyone can afford a trip like this and many people may not understand the true value that we
built into this particular trip. Being from the transformational training world we have designed this
trip so that the impact on you and the ongoing benefits outweighs the cost of the trip significantly.
We know of people spending $10k – $25k on year long masterminds, and on one-day programs,
however when you add up the time in most of those programs there is less concentrated time spent
changing you at your core so that you approach life and your business different than before.
Our video package, and the exposure from our TV show will provide the ongoing benefits to you
and your message. If you leverage the raw footage you receive, the video content you’re getting,
and the Web-TV Series once it launches, and stay connected with the group and this project after
the trip is over then we promise you can convert all of this into an amazing return on your money.

We provide you the tools! We will even show you how you can best use them if you would like.
To sum it up… this is a worthwhile investment in yourself and you business. Now all you have to
do is decide!
Don’t hesitate, join us in New Zealand! We hope this has inspired you to join us. YOU and your
unique skill set, message and medicine combined with the other incredible leaders on this Invite Only
trip, will provide the people of New Zealand and fellow messengers a gift beyond compare, and you the
experience of a lifetime. We look forward to meeting you!

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