S.H.I.F.T. Mentoring Program: Maximum Momentum for Maximum Results

Mentoring combining training lesson on mindset, tactic and strategies directly applicable to your business is a formula for success.

Your S.H.I.F.T. Mentoring Program begins with a series of assessment surveys and instruments to gauge:

  1. Your intrinsic behavioral style and needs;Mentoring with Ishwari Jay
  2. Your current reality;
  3. Your business and operations

Then we embark into a process that dramatically updates and upgrades:

  1. Mindset, Mastering over negative emotions and non supportive habits
  2. Integral lifestyle
  3. Your business systems
  4. SWOT analysis brand identity
  5. Marketing plan
  6. Sales plan


Your individual sessions are laser focused, comprehensive and solid. Just us. Like peer to peer networking at a “high achiever” level.

Ishwari Jay is a prolific business strategist with an emphasis on mindset, marketing & holistic business approach. She has been the “secret weapon” to experts and luminaries in the field of personal and professional training and development. Herself an entrepreneur, founder of Marketing Funnels and Launches & Yogabhava, she has coached and mentored many successful business professionals.

Ishwari is an international keynote speaker, author of The Power of Breath and co-author of Initiation. Her yogic background including 25 years in teaching and practicing self mastery through yoga, breathing techniques and meditation, offers a unique approach to mastering the mind which results in mastering one’s life & achieving success.


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