IshwariLevitatingIshwari Jay is an expert in online/offline marketing, business strategist, speaker, consultant & founder of Marketing Funnels And Launches, providing powerful digital marketing strategies to support businesses in leveraging the power of the internet world and create platforms that help businesses connect with current and new customers and turn them into raving fans so they can promote their brand & share it with the world.

Ishwari was an ‘accidental successful entrepreneur’ in the early year 2,000 as she grew her holistic health and yoga prior business. She created her first online membership site in 2006 and did some video interviews with different experts in holistic health resulting in over 100,000 YouTube viewers. With little knowledge of online marketing, her website quickly appeared on the first page of Google, people began to find her online and her business started to take off. She became excited to see the power of the internet and wanted to get more training to turn this online marketing luck into a replicable science. She then trained with top online marketers such as Tom Antion and Alex Mandossian, Mike Koenigs and founded Marketing Funnels & Launches, which provides online tactics and strategies for business owners, experts, authors and speakers. Some of her clients other than local businesses include: Chris Howard, one of the #1 international leaders in wealth & achievement, David Corbin, known as the “Mentor to Mentors” author of the best seller book “Illuminate, Harnessing the Positive Power of Negative Thinking”, Prince Mahdi A. Al-Senussi co-founder of Washington Equity Partners, Arthur Anthonisen, the past Chairman of the International Community College Trustee Association, Greg Ausley, founder of the powerful online goal achievement system, LifeSpace.com, Nancy Parker expert in Physical Kinesiology and founder of BalancedWell.com, just to name a few.

Today, Ishwari is a sought after keynote speaker, trainer and mentor specializing in teaching entrepreneurs how to automate their business systems and processes and move beyond any mental blocks and limitation and embody the mindset of being an ‘Unbounded Entrepreneur’. She is also the co-author of the national bestselling book “Initiative” with “Millionaire Mentor”, Greg Reid, certified Local Business Marketing Consultant and certified empowerment coach certified Fitness Trainer & Yoga teacher.

Her mission is to teach individuals to experience the true freedom & wealth, both within and without, using her powerful teaching style which combines: Business & Marketing strategies with the ‘Inner Game’ of success and the laws & principles of manifestation.

Short Bio:

Ishwari Jay is a prolific business strategist with an emphasis on mindset, marketing & holistic business approach. She has been the “secret weapon” to experts and luminaries in the field of personal and professional training and development. Herself an entrepreneur, founder of Marketing Funnels and Launches & Yogabhava, she has coached and mentored many successful business professionals. She currently serves as a business advisor at the Marin SBDC (Maring Small Business Development Center).

Ishwari is an international keynote speaker, author of The Power of Breath and co-author of Initiation. Her yogic background including 25 years in teaching and practicing self mastery through yoga, breathing techniques and meditation, offers a unique approach to mastering the mind which results in mastering one’s life & achieving success.



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