IshwariLevitatingWelcome! Here is my bio:

I have a strong background in marketing & business and passionate about designing, planning, crafting, and implementing positive change, using technology to automate processes and mindset to create results. I love working with and leading teams and inspiring them to excellence. My experience has shown me the greatest business improvements come from a combination of knowledge, strategy and massive inspired action toward the objective. I am passionate about creating executable strategies, leading teams, training leaders using the many skills and tools I’ve acquired, including the faculty of seeing what others don’t see as a visionary/seer, and I have a very pragmatic way of shifting people and situations which are not optimal. This pragmatism has given me the reputation of being a go-to person to resolving problems.

Some of my clients have included: Arthur Anthonisen, the past Chairman of the International Community College Trustee Association, Prince Mahdi A. Al-Senussi co-founder of Washington Equity Partners, Chris Howard, international leaders in wealth & achievement, Greg Ausley, founder of LifeSpace.com, a goal & achievement system, Michael Cotton, founder of Higher Brain Living, to name a few.

I’ve been featured on several Internet radio broadcasts on “Meet Your Neighbor” (TV show), as an expert in marketing & business strategy with an emphasis on mindset, productivity, and bringing spiritual principles into the marketplace. I also had the great fortune to be a keynote speaker nationwide with audience sizes ranging from mastermind intimate settings to speaking in front of thousands of people.

I’m also a yogini, which means that I am on a path of self-mastery, practicing and teaching meditation and powerful breathing techniques from my book, The Power Of Breath, which I’m currently in the process of re-editing. I’ve created several products over the course of my career including: a Heart Flow Yoga DVD which was a #1 best selling yoga DVD in its style, co-wrote the best selling book, Initiative, and various group training curriculum and online courses in marketing, business, spirituality, and well-being.

My mission is to support individuals to experience true freedom & wealth, both within and without, using success principles, mindset, business & marketing strategies while balancing what I call: “the Inner & Outer Game” of success.

Short Bio:

Ishwari Jay is a prolific business strategist with an emphasis on mindset, marketing & holistic business approach. She has been the “secret weapon” to experts and luminaries in the field of personal and professional training and development. Herself an entrepreneur, founder of Marketing Funnels and Launches & Yogabhava, she has coached and mentored many successful business professionals. She currently serves as a business advisor at the Marin SBDC (Maring Small Business Development Center).

Ishwari is an international keynote speaker, author of The Power of Breath and co-author of Initiation. Her yogic background including 25 years in teaching and practicing self mastery through yoga, breathing techniques and meditation, offers a unique approach to mastering the mind which results in mastering one’s life & achieving success.



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